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The OCS Volunteer Group Panda Partners is the parent/teacher/student (PTO) group at Our Community School. Panda Partners is open to all families, students, teachers, and staff at OCS. There are no membership dues required to join or participate and we are an official non-profit 501c3 group. We divide our support efforts into three main committees which are: Outreach, Community, and Service (which just so happens to be O.C.S!).

The Outreach Committee is committed to supporting families at OCS. Our Panda Pantry backpack program helps families in need by providing nutritious weekend food. The program is supported by Panda Partners, food drives (co-run by the 5th graders), and donations. The committee also gathers helpful community resource information to provide to our families, and donates 10% of our “friend raisers” income to a separate Village Fund coordinated by the school staff. The Community Committee helps foster connection and community spirit. Events include the Welcome Back Breakfast, Panda Café, Watermelon social, Panda Playdates, Pizza Friday, Pancake Breakfast, Dine Out Nights, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, and much more.

Our Service Committee plays a vital role at OCS. The focus is to help provide volunteer service and assistance to OCS both in the classrooms through Room Parent Coordination and throughout the campus with groups like Panda Arts, the Library, and Pandawear (school spirit wear). Through the Room Parents, we help to ensure good communication with teachers, families, and staff. The Service Committee also assists the school’s Board of Directors’ Development Committee by finding volunteers for school-led fundraisers.

All significant fundraisers at OCS are sponsored and run by the school under the Board of Directors’ Development Committee. Although Panda Partners does do a bit of minor “friend raising” to support our important programs, the group is lucky that our main focus can be all about best supporting the school community and not on fundraising. Our Panda Partners meetings are scheduled for Monday afternoons in the library about every six weeks (check the school calendar for exact dates). Students are welcome to participate and also free aftercare is available. We welcome you all to join us!

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Sincerely, Daria Lamborne

President, OCS Panda Partners