Thank you Tyler Brooks, Eagle Scout, for beautifying OCS!

It wasn't long ago when Tyler Brooks came to see us with his Uncle Kurtis, who happens to be a parent here at OCS. Tyler needed a location to do a final service project before his 18th birthday in order to become an Eagle Scout. He had been in negotiations at a different location, and unfortunately for him, they fell through. This meant he needed to find another place to do the project right away. Lucky for OCS, while brainstorming with his uncle, a few projects came to mind.

Tyler and his support team, fellow scouts, and dedicated, supportive family worked hard and for many long hours to complete 2 projects here at OCS. We are eternally grateful.

The first project was replacing the bench tops for the 2 permanent benches in the Panda Cafe patio. What was rotting wood, now stands benches made from Trex that will stand the test of time and elements.

The second project was to spruce up the wall out front that holds the school sign. Initially, the plan was to sandblast away the peeling paint and restore the wall to its original glory. Unfortunately, after a day of sandblasting, it was determined that the wall was not in proper shape to leave as is.

So, phase 2 of the wall project began. Realize that as the clock was ticking for completion of this project, we had weekends with extreme smoke and high winds from the fire that impeding the project. In this second phase, the wall would be plastered over and rock veneer would be placed on the bottom portion of the wall. Thank you to Whole Foods for donating extra rock after they completed their new store in Porter Ranch. The finished product is stunning! We still have a couple more touches, and the sign still needs our street address numbers and a light for the evenings, but it looks amazing. 

Thank you again to Tyler Brooks! We are grateful for you and proud of your accomplishment. Thank you to Kurtis Bedford, OCS parent and cub scout leader for recommending OCS for this project. These were two items that had been on our list. Thank you to all families that donated to cover the costs of this project, and to all of the sponsors who donated gifts-in-kind to Tyler to complete this project. THANK YOU!