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Philanthropic Outreach Committee


The Philanthropic Outreach Committee was established to coordinate all of the fundraising and philanthropic needs of Our Community School. The committee has two primary functions: 

  1. To build relationships that not only expand our fundraising reach but explore ways in which our stakeholder groups can become more involved in helping our surrounding communities.
  2. To organize and actualize all fundraising efforts for Our Community School, under the OCS Foundation, ensuring the varying financial needs of OCS are targeted, prioritized and met.


The PhilOut Committee will consist of current and/or alumni OCS stakeholder volunteers. This group will coordinate with other OCS groups (PP, Event Chairs, Administration/Staff as their position requires) to ensure all parties are working in concert with each other. PhilOut Members will exhibit the core values of OCS (Empowered, Ethical and Informed) whenever representing the school or their specific stakeholder group. 



We are looking for some committed OCS stakeholders to help us build our new committee, people who exemplify OCS’s core values of being Empowered, Ethical and Informed. Speaking of being informed, if you are, then we know you understand just how important fundraising is to our school and its ability to fully serve our students. This is why we hope you’ll feel empowered to step up and help us fill out the PhilOut Committee’s membership.


Not one of these jobs is too big, they’ve been carefully crafted to ensure everyone has plenty to do without overwhelming anyone, even so, if you want to share the position with a buddy, go for it! There or so many types of positions that whether you’re great with people or better behind a screen, we need your skills!

  1. Administrative Assistant Director: Do you love a good checklist? Are you great at follow-up? Is organization your thing? You’re halfway there to being the best Administrative Asst. Director EVER! Job duties will primarily be checking the Committee’s incoming emails, forwarding them to the responsible party and/or responding to them and communicating regularly with the PhilOut Committee’s Administrative Director.
  2. Outreach Assistant Director: Are you great at talking to people and building and maintaining relationships? Do you love to write a great thank you note? Is gratitude your thing? If so, you would be the most marvelous Outreach Assistant Director! Job duties will primarily be writing thank you notes and fulfilling any other gratitude operations (a la the Annual Giving wall) that are being filled, and communicating regularly with the PhilOut committee’s Outreach Director.
  3. Event & Panda Partner Liaisons: This one’s too simple to be cute - if you’re an informed member of an event team or Panda Partners with knowledge about existing efforts to obtain sponsors and donors, and you have a little extra time to donate to your chosen cause, come meet with this committee a few times a year to ensure your group is maximizing their fundraising abilities in tandem with the PhilOut Committee and the OCS Foundation.
  4. Field Trip Liaisons: Is chatting up teachers a favorite pastime? Are you good at compiling information into one master document? Do you feel passionate about field trips? If so, then hop on board! Job duties will include communicating with teachers to obtain their field trip wishlist and cost, relaying that list to administration to determine if there are any additional concerns/costs, and compiling all information into one master document to be used for fundraising.
  5. Grants Coordinators: Do you love doing research? Can you slay writing an informative paragraph? Is filling out forms your thing? Boy oh boy, does OCS need someone like you! Job duties will include working directly with the Executive Director on writing and submitting grant proposals and researching new grant opportunities.
  6. Student Liaison: Do you feel passionate about OCS’s middle school community service requirements? Are you good at coordinating lists and sharing that information? Then come serve with us! Job duties include seeking outside volunteer opportunities that would be appropriate for our middle schoolers to fulfill their community service requirements and sharing that list with administration and the 7th/8th grade teachers and students.
  7. Annual Giving Coordinator: Are persistence and pre-planning your superpowers? Do you have a penchant for messaging and a passion for fundraising? Annual Giving is our single most important fundraising venture OCS and we need someone like you to ensure Annual Giving is always front of mind for all of our stakeholders when considering how to spend their donation dollars. This position will also help plan Giving Tuesday to ensure it aligns with the current Annual Giving mission. 
  8. Alumni Liaison: Do you have an alumni student or know a lot of alumni families? Are you good at building networks out of existing relationships? Is keeping people connected your thing? Then please bring us all together by becoming our Alumni Liaison! Job duties include keeping a database of alumni students and families and reaching out to them to share information about upcoming events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.
If any of these positions sound like something you could do (and you certainly CAN, in fact you’ll be creating the position so you’ll be the one defining exactly what it is you’re doing!), please email us at [email protected].