Meet Our Board of Directors


The OCS Board of Directors is a self-perpetuating Board, comprised of seven to fifteen members including four parent members and members of the broader community. In addition, the PTO President, four teachers and the Executive Director/Principal of OCS sit on the Board as non-voting members. The Board’s role is to provide academic, fiscal, and fundraising oversight as it upholds the school’s mission and vision. 

There are three standing committees for the Board: Finance, Development and the Governance Committee. Notice of School Board and Committee meetings are posted on campus and on the school website.  The meetings are open to the public.   Each meeting provides an opportunity for public comment.  
If you are interested in learning more about our Board Directors or one of its Committees, please




Charlene Khanlian, Board Chair and Finance Committee Chair

Charlene is a Parent Board member.  She volunteered to serve on the OCS Board after taking a step back from her career to be of greater service to the community.  Something you might not know about Charlene is that her family has a large menagerie of pets -- 12 and counting. If you would like to contact Charlene, her email is

Jana Harper, Governance & Development Committees Chair 
Jana is a Community Board member.  She is also the parent of two OCS graduates.  She volunteered to serve on the OCS Board because she wants this school to continue to serve students well beyond the years her own children attend it. She believes in its mission and thinks it is a special place.  She has seen first hand the school's mission realized in her own children as they have gone on to high school.  Something you might not know about Jana is that in her 20’s she was a Pro-Am World Champion Country and Western Dancer.  If you’d like to contact Jana, her email is

Krischa D. Esquivel 
Krischa is a Community Board member.  She volunteered to serve on the OCS Board because the philosophy of the school intrigued her, as it aligns with her personal and professional philosophy on empowering children. She wanted to be part of the community so she could learn more and share her passion, knowledge and work with staff, parents and children. Something you might not know about Krischa is that she has always been drawn to trying new things and new experiences. During her 2nd year of college, she spent the summer in upstate New York working at a sleep away camp for children who had been identified as emotionally disturbed, and most had an additional autism diagnosis. It was amazing and she is grateful to have had the experience!  If you’d like to contact Krischa, her email is

Sean Frazier
Sean is a Parent Board member.   Sean has always been involved in the community or volunteerism in some form or another.  When he first took the tour of OCS as a prospective student/family, he was “wow’d” by the involvement of the families and volunteers.  It was a huge draw for his family.  Something you might not know about Sean, “I lived in Singapore and went to elementary school there.  I also worked on a Commercial Fishing boat out of Pt. Judith Rhode Island when I was 12. My first car was a 1963 Volkswagon beetle that was in original condition and only had a few thousand miles on it.  I love punk rock, hockey, musicals and my wife was my #1 match on an internet dating site.”  If you would like to contact Sean, his email is
Jose Parada, Board Secretary

Jose Parada is a Parent Board member.  OCS has been a place where he has seen his children grow up. It has been an awesome part of his family’s life. It has been a place where his children have a safe, nurturing, loving environment with a focus on social responsibility and academic growth. OCS has been a small yet valuable piece of public education where families, teachers and administrators collaborate to ensure children learn in their own and unique way and promote their individuality. His family found in OCS a place where they can be part of a community where life-long connections can be made.  Something you might not know about Jose is that he has completed the 50 mile "FUN" bicycle ride from Rosarito to Ensenada in Mexico. If you would like to contact Jose, his email is 



Annie Parnell

Annie Parnell is a Parent Board Member.  Her kids have been going to this amazing school since it moved to the new campus in 2010, and she has seen firsthand the extraordinary ways in which OCS produces kids who love learning (and themselves). She figured with only a few years until her kids have both graduated and moved on from Our Community School, if there was ever a time she should step up and be a part of helping OCS continue its success, now should be that time. Something you might not know about Annie is that nearly 20 years ago she took the MENSA test just so that her dad would have something to brag about, and yes, she passed. If you would like to contact Annie, her email is


Kimberly Denise Sanders, Assistant Chair
Kimberly is a Community Board member. She volunteered to serve on the OCS board because “As a servant leader I want to give back to the community. I greatly value education and believe OCS is setting a tremendous example of creating an environment and curriculum that will have a positive impact on shaping the OCS students into leaders of tomorrow.”  Something you might not know about Kimberly is that she writes, directs and produces films and runs 19.3 miles each year in the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare.   If you’d like to contact Kimberly, her email is


Hoda Marcus
Hoda is a Community Board Member.  She joined the OCS Board to use her experience and resources for a good use that would benefit families. Hoda comes to us with extensive international experience, working for NGOs and UN agencies in Canada, Lebanon, Oman and Jordan.  If you would like to contact Hoda, her email is
Nancy Grass

Nancy is a Community Board Member.  She believes that providing a comprehensive, compassionate and inclusive education is central to taking our society and humanity forward.

Working in higher education for over 20 years, Nancy currently serves as the Associate Dean of Student Life at Santa Monica Community College.  If you would like to contact Nancy, her email address is

Tracey Renson

Tracey is a Community Board Member.  As a lifelong educator she is interested in continuing to forward the best in education while meeting the challenges that approach an increasingly antiquated system.  Tracey currently serves as  Director of St. Stephen Presbyterian Preschool in Chatsworth.  If you would like to contact Tracey, her email address is

Board Community Advisors 
Hilary Anderson 

Hilary is a founding teacher of OCS. She is a graduate of Antioch University’s Teaching Credential and Masters of Education program. This will be Hilary's 12th year of teaching and in the past has taught a combination K/1 class, straight 1st, and 2nd grade. In addition to teaching, Hilary has served on the OCS Board of Directors as the teacher representative, as well as serving on numerous OCS committees. She has served as BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) mentor to many teachers and was a Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellow in Los Angeles. Hilary is also a parent at OCS. She is a fan of California Native landscaping, has been the backup singer in a rock band, and loves screening bad movies with groups of friends.

John Foley
John is an OCS founding K-1 teacher. He is a graduate of Antioch University’s teaching credential program. Previous to becoming an elementary teacher, John taught preschool children in Santa Monica, was the national exhibits coordinator for the Whole Life Expo, he was Managing Director of a 4 house 99 seat theater complex in Hollywood and worked for various non-profit organizations. John is passionate about gardening and is the founder of the Garden Program at OCS to help make our world a greener place to be! John served for 2 years as the faculty rep for the OCS Board of Directors and is currently a mentor for teachers completing their Clear Credential programs both at OCS.
Jude Stabiler
Jude Stabiler, 6th Grade Lead Teacher: Jude is an OCS founding teacher having taught 5th grade from 2005-2013. Jude served as OCS's principal from April, 2013 until January, 2016 and OCS administrative and Prop 1D campus renovation consultant through August, 2016. Jude has represented OCS at the California Charter Schools Association's regional independent charter school consortium, Charter Schools Development Center Leadership Institute as well as the Weingart Foundation’s Executive Services Corps Developing Development Program. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and Antioch University’s Teacher Credentialing program. Jude has served on the OCS Board of Directors as a teacher member, and is a teacher mentor through the Los Angeles County Office of Education BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) induction program.