About Me

Beth is an experienced preschool and elementary teacher with a Master’s degree from CSUN in Family Environmental Sciences. She worked in the administration at another charter school for two years prior to becoming a founding faculty member at Our Community School. Beth handles student conflict resolution and is the main person and contact for student behavior issues. She keeps records on all school personnel, keeps current on insurance information, organizes the staff schedules and arranges for substitutes. She oversees the office staff and the liaison for the Champions Aftercare programs and staff. She is our enrollment coordinator and she handles the school lottery and waiting lists with Janett and Valerie. She is our school expert on conflict resolution and she trains students and teachers in this important skill. She advises parents and assists in training the teacher assistants and is also the head of the Special Education program here at OCS, attending many meetings that address student success. She works with Alma, Valerie and Robin G. with regards to State Testing Accountability and Implementation. Beth is married and has two daughters; her oldest daughter, Shannon, is now in high school and her youngest, Sarah, will be in 7th grade this year at OCS.