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About Me

Claudia started at OCS in 2010 as a student teacher, fell in love, and never left. After working in different capacities at the school, she started teaching 5th grade in 2013. She received a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2009 and then went on to get her teaching credential at CSUN. She is a science enthusiast and is passionate about making education exciting, valuable, and accessible to all students. Claudia enjoys baking and ballroom dancing, and spending time with her family.



Recent Posts

Math Test

Hello all, Just a reminder that the math trimester test will be this Thursday morning. Please help ensure students come to school on time with a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast. Review is happening all week, with a practice test on Wednesday that students can take home to study. Let me know if you have questions!

Project and Trimester Assessments

Hello families, I had students pack their Create Your Own State projects so they can work on them some over the weekend and bring them back on Monday. There will be some class time for them, but not a lot, especially with Halloween. Remember, they are DUE FRIDAY NOV. 2nd 5th grade will give the writing trimester assessment on Friday, November 2nd. The Math test will be the following week on Thursday, November 8th. This will give us time to finish and review Chapter 3 so that each trimester assessment is more evenly divided. We will also spend that week reviewing the past 2 chapters and doing a practice test. Please help us have kids do their best by having them rested and on time to school each day. Let me know if you have any questions! Claudia

Create Your Own State.doc

Students began brainstorming last week, and today completed graphic organizers for their projects. They are tasked to invent their own state and present it to the class in some way-the possibilities are endless! Many students will be doing posters or 3D models, but there will also be essays, history books, videos, etc. You might hear them starting to ask about supplies they will need. Projects will be worked on some in class, but will likely need to be completed at home. They are DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND. Attached is the graphic organzier/grading sheet.

Art Lessons and Quizzes

Hello families, I am working on a schedule for volunteers, but in the meantime I also want to reach out to see if there is any interest among parents in our class to coordinate doing a weekly or biweekly art lesson with the class. I had one parent share that they were interested and would like to work with others, so if you think you have any art talent, or just want to come in and assist, please let me know! Also, as a heads up there will be a quiz on the last 6 states and a math test on Ch. 2 both on Wednesday. I will be reminding them to take home study materials daily! Oh yeah, don’t forget about Kid’s Dash on Friday! But I’m sure there will be more sangha reminders on that heading your way... Claudia

Conference Schedule 2018

Here is the conference schedule so far based on Sangha sign-ups. This should confirm your meeting time, and if you haven't signed up, you can use what is still available to do so. If you are having a hard time signing up on Sangha, just let me know your time and I will schedule it in.