Garden Program

OCS Garden

OCS Garden Program: Class teachers have created integrated curriculum projects that incorporate garden projects from science units on nutrition or social studies units about Native Americans. The goal of the OCS garden is for all students, TK-8, to learn the life cycle of a garden and to develop a hands-on connection with that cycle; it is hard physical work (i.e. turning soil), but also requires a delicate hand (i.e. seed collection). It teaches cooperation, collaboration, the value of hard work, and the joy of connection with nature. Some of our classes also incorporate our garden with their science curriculum providing our students with a hands-on learning experience. Additionally, much of the harvested food not utilized by the OCS students is donated to our OCS Panda Pantry, a school-based food bank. Parent volunteers are needed and welcome on class gardening days, check with your classroom teachers and on weekend community garden days when larger projects such as adding new sprinklers, clearing out beds for new plantings, or building new beds are tackled.