Community Service

Community Service
Our Community School’s teaching philosophy is committed to fostering in our children empathy for and service to others. Each class from K-6th grade participates in at least one community service activity on and/or off campus every school year. The 7th/8th graders are given a set number of community service hours that they need to complete by the end of the school year. All of our children are encouraged to go beyond their school service and continue helping out in their communities.

Our parents are also very involved at OCS both directly with the school and through the parent-run organization Panda Partners which conducts their own community service on campus.

Students plan and implement these projects with the help and support of their teachers and parents and usually get the entire campus involved. Some of the projects that have taken place on and off campus include: Food/Toiletry Drives for homeless and less fortunate families in the community, Beach Clean-ups, Blanket Drives for local animal shelters, Recycling Projects and so much more.

Community service gives students a sense of being important in the world, the ability to make a plan, follow through with it, and the chance to help others. These are all empowering for children who often can feel that adults get to make all the important choices in their world.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand-Each year at our Spring Faire, our school operates a Lemonade Stand and all proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade which to help fight childhood cancer.
  • Raising funds through Box Tops & contributing to different meaningful organizations. One of our 3rd grade classes collects Box Tops throughout the year and then collectively vote to determine where to donate their proceeds.